Come And Trip It (Handel) 

Here Amid the Shady Woods (Handel) 

My Lovely Celia (Monro) 

O Come, O Come, My Dearest (Arne) 

Where E'er You Walk (Handel) 

Hark! The Echoing Air (Purcell) 

Since First I Saw Your Face (Ford) 

Thou Soft Flowing Avon (Arne) 

Whither Runneth My Sweetheart? (Bartlet) 

Tell Me No More (Blow) 

Fair, if you expect admiring (Campion) 

Jack And Joan (Campion) 

Flow my tears (Dowland) 

Weep You No More, Sad Fountains (Dowland) 

Let Me Wander Not Unseen (Handel) 

Fain Would I Change That Note (Hume) 

As I Walked Forth One Summer Day (Johnson) 

In Sherwood Lived Stout Robin Hood (Jones) 

Diaphenia (Pilkington) 

Rest Sweet Nymphs (Pilkington) 

If music be the food of love (First Version) (Purcell) 

When Laura Smiles (Rossetter) 

Blow, blow thou winter wind (Arne) 

Have You Seen But a White Lily Grow? (anon early 17th c.) 

It Was A Lover And His Lass (Morley) 

What If I Never Speed (Dowland) 

Willow Song (Anon 17th C) 

When Daisies Pied (Arne) 

How Happy Art Thou (Lawes) 

Nymphs and Shepherds (Purcell) 

Pastime With Good Company (Anon. 16th c.) 

I'll Sail Upon The Dog Star (Purcell) 

Silver Swan, The (Gibbons) 

O Come, O Come, My Dearest 

I Attempt From Love's Sickness To Fly (Purcell) 


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